Starting a new life in a foreign country is always difficult.


One oft he most important parts of the integration process is finding a work opportunity.


In order to assist you with finding a job in the most efficient way, we need to know more about you.


Tell us what your strengths, previous work experience, interests and preferences are to help us find a  suitable position for you .


We are constantly working on updating and enlarging our portoflio for you.


Apart from keeping an eye on the publicly available job offers, we actively reach out to our partners and provide them with information from our database.


This way we can bring you together with your potential future employer and arrange an interview for you!


Are you curious yet?


We created a short instructional video, in order to help you understand the whole process better.

Just click on PLAY and enjoy!

The refyougee.com team is a group of young people, who came up with the idea of helping refugees in Germany with integrating and finding a job.

It is very important to address the issues refugees might be facing while going through the integration process and consider the opportunity to help and support this group. Therefore, we would like to combine the offer of the local labour market with this demand and create a “win-win” situation together.


Our goal is to make life easier for both interested parties.

Who is behind the refyougee.com platform?

Refugee is the easiest way to kick off your new career in Germany.


You only have to register, fill out your profile and we will take care of the next steps.

We will send all job offers that match your profile and work requirements directly to you (via e-mail).

If you are interested, you can just send us your confirmation back through one single click.


If the company is interested in you as well, we will arrange a personal interview for you.

Why should I register at refyougee.com?

In order to legally start working in Germany, you either need a valid work permit or to reach a special residential status.

But do not worry about these factors too much. We will figure it out for you based on the information included in your profile. Therefore, it is very important that you fill out all fields in your refyougee.com profile – precisely and truthfully. We will especially be looking at the following information:  your date of arrival and registration in Germany, your residential status, your personal data – such as nationality and other related fields, as well as requirements of the job offer itself.

What do I need to start working in Germany?

Our service is completely free of charge for every applicant.


We will guide you through the registration, we will arrange the contact with your potential future employer.


We can also help you with preparing for the interview – all for free.

Do I have to pay for anything?

All personal data from your profile will be used only for the original purpose – job mediation.


We assure you that your data will not be used for advertising purposes and we will also not pass on any of the information to third parties. Our server is based in Germany and uses one of the highest protection standards possible. You can get more detailed information about our company’s standards and procedures related to this topic on our website, in the “Terms & Conditions”, as well as in the “Privacy Policy” section.

What happens with my personal data after the registration?

Please note that registering at refyougee.com and filling out your profile does not automatically

guarantee you a job.

We will help you get in touch with companies who are searching for employees like you and offer our support through the whole journey – until you meet your potential employer.


During the personal interview, you need to convince them about your qualities yourself.

The job shall be offered to you based on the outcome of this interview.

When I create my profile on the refyougee.com website, does it mean I automatically get a job?

We are more than happy to support you with this step as well.


If you are offered an interview and have doubts about the procedure, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will organize a meeting for you and one of our team members – in form of a casual coffee chat – prior to the job interview. There, we will try to explain and re-construct the process of a standard job interview and answer all questions you might possibly have – especially regarding the German job market, its standards and practices.

What if I am insecure about a personal job interview in Germany?

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